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MIG Welders

MIG Welding (GMAW- Gas Metal Arc Welding) is easily one of the most common welding process applied from home welding for personal projects, small businesses in various sectors, manufacturing and metal fabrication applications. 

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MIG Welding Machines

Our range of MIG welding machines are suitable for a wide of range of requirements, whether you need a small compact welder for a restoration project at home or a purchase for the new workshop, our knowledgeable staff will be able to advise on the perfect model for you. Some of our models can also be used for flux-core welding, further increasing their versatility. MIG welidng machines are suitable for an array of welding applications, including stainless steel and aluminium welding. With MIG welding machines, the wire is automatically fed from the spool which means it's easier for a beginner welder who doesn't have much experience. The inverter-based design means you get a very smooth and weld finish due to the low splatter.

MIG welding is one of the easiest process of welding and is usually the first one learnt by beginners. With a little practice, anyone is capable of doing the most basic weld. The MIG welding process utilises a electric arc which form between the wire electrodes, this arc is heated to a temperature which allows it to melt two metal pieces and join together. 

The shielding gas is usually a non-reactive noble gas such as argon, though depending on the metal being welded, other gases are sometimes used. In MIG welding the gas is fed through the welding gun and shields the arc from contaminants in the air. Since it's creatiion in the 1940s, the technique and process has stayed large the same.

MIG Welding Equipment

Since the process of welding uses extremely high temperatures, and there are often lots of sparks and fumes at close proximity, safety equipment are vital in the welding process. Aside from durable gloves and welding mask, it's recommeded that you wear thick, heat resistant clothing which doesn't catch fire easily. Always keep a fire blanket or extinguisher close by.

  • Welding mask     
  • Flameproof jacket     
  • Heat resistant gloves     
  • Closed toed shoes     
  • Jeans or other cotton made pants     
  • Fire extinguisher
  • The Welder
  • Gas Tank
  • Welding Gun
  • Ground Clamp

Flux-Core Welding

Some of our MIG welding machines are also capable of carrying out flux-core welding. It's a wire welding process which uses a hollow wire electrode is fed through the welding gun into the joint. The flux cored electrode eliminates the need for a separate gas feed, reducing the cost and also increasing the versatility of the weld, as you can use this in harsher weather conditions. 

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MIG welding with spool feed
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